Adtec’s indoor solutions include a range of display options, from LED backlit screens, perfect for signage in an office or retail environment, to massive video walls available in 4K. As with all Adtec products, we have the expertise to recommend the display that best fits your needs.


This type of signage is ideal for use as sports scoreboards, for broadcasting performances to the back rows at concerts, and as rental screens for any indoor events. Adtec LED signage is air-cooled to keep them at optimum operating temperatures throughout the day


For a true interactive experience, touch screens bring an exciting extra element. From small, tablet-sized displays to full video walls, Adtec has it. These allow consumers to interact with games, enter data and more, fully immersing them in activations and events.


A multi-monitor setup consisting of LED screens tiled together to form a single cohesive image. This allows for greater image display with a flexibility not found in single screen setups. Adtec competes on an international level by offering screens with the thinnest bezels possible.


HD and UHD displays in a variety of sizes can be used in retail, hotel or airport environments to easily share information across multiple individual screens. Operated from a central point, these can also be simply and quickly updated by a single user.


High quality printed signage with LED backlighting are a brilliant way to draw attention in an indoor environment. The LED channel lighting strip brightly illuminates the artwork, with no dull or hot spots. These light boxes can be used for advertising, corporate branding, or vibrant signage.